Keeping a daily food journal

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Keeping a Daily Food Journal

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In order to determine how much food you need and how much you actually consume, an activity and food journal should be maintained.  A journal is a notebook to record the foods you eat, when you eat them, how you felt when you consumed the foods, and how much you exercise.

These guidelines need to be followed:

•    Record your weight weekly.
To determine accurate progress, record your weight weekly using the same scales and if possible weigh yourself unclothed.

•    Record your physical activity.
Record activity performed, level of performance, and duration.

•    Record your emotions.
What were you feeling when you ate?  Where you happy, sad, angry, or actually hungry?

•    Record EVERYTHING you eat and the amount.
In other words, if you Bite it – Write it.  If you have 3 M&M’s record it in your journal.  If you had 2 bites of ice cream – record it.

•    Record all information immediately after consuming the food.
You don’t want to forget foods or your feelings; your feeling can change several times during the day.

•    Calculate your journal at the end of each day.
Determine and total calories consumed for the day.

•    Congratulate your efforts for a good day.
If you maintained an accurate journal congratulate yourself. If you
did not, strive to make a better effort tomorrow.

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