The right running shoes

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Selecting the right running shoe can mean the difference between enjoying your runs and dreading them!  Your feet are an important part of running posture and are key elements for preventing injury!  Here are some tips for how to find the perfect pair for your feet!

1. Don’t go cheap!  Wal-Mart and Target are not good places for quality running shoes.  A good quality pair of shoes will cost between $65 and $85 dollars.  Of course there are more expensive shoes if you just have to have them, but the quality and wear does not improve with a price much over $85.

2.  When trying on running shoes you should have plenty of wiggle room in the toe box.  Most people need a half  to a whole size larger than their street shoes.  The shoes should feel comfortable right away….like slippers.  If you are feeling too much arch support, rigidity in the sole or slipping in the heel, try another pair.

3.  It’s best to use a reputable running store that allows you to try on some shoes and go outside to run in them.  Also, if you go later in the day after you have been on your feet for awhile you are more likely to get a nice comfortable pair with a good fit.

4.  Don’t tie the laces too tight.  Running shoes should not feel like a corset on your feet!  Your feet should be allowed to move around in the shoe which helps to  promote a more natural foot strike and running gait.

Buy a quality pair of running shoes that feel good on your feet, fit well, in a color you like Smile, and you will be bounding out the door to get your runs in!!


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