Today you begin!

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Today you begin.

Do not wait for the right time, the next opportunity, or a better day – begin now. Put pen to paper and follow my lead.

Action is essential to weight loss, transformation, and feeling better about myself. So, I commit to these actions:
1.    I will exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes.
2.    I will write down everything I eat.
3.    I will be physically active for 45 minutes everyday, whether it means that I must workout morning and evening, bring sneakers to work and walk at lunch, or whatever it takes.
4.    I will eat more slowly.
5.    I will drink more water.
6.    At the end of every week, I will look at the food that I am eating and have (honestly) written down to (fearlessly) assess whether I am taking care of my body or punishing it.
7.    I will then make decisions about my next meal, and the ones after that, to ensure that they really do healthfully and efficiently fuel my body.
The party (literally) is over. And that’s the good news because your life’s greatest celebration is in taking actions everyday that make you feel (and look) better!

Ok….I know….you’ve heard it, read it and said it, before!!  Getting started can be the most difficult part to any weight  loss or fitness goal.  The most difficult and the most  IMPORTANT.  I am here to help and I don’t care how many  times you have to START…..I will help you get there.  Once  you have started, I am here to help you keep going.  We  start where you are at right now and create small goals to  get you moving and planning your success.
Welcome to your journey!

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