Functional Movement Screening

More and more of today’s individuals are working harder to become stronger and healthier.  A tremendous amount of athletes and individuals are performing high-level activities even though they are putting fitness on dysfunction.  These individuals create poor movement patterns, train around pre-existing problems or simply do not train their weakness during their strength and conditioning program.  By looking at the movement patterns and not just one area, a weak link can be identified.  This will enable the individual, coach, athletic trainer or fitness professional to focus on that area.  If this weak link is not identified the body will compensate causing inefficient movements.  It is this type of inefficiency that can cause a decrease in performance and an increase in injuries.  The Functional Movement Screen and Corrective Exercise System attempts to pinpoint these weak links and alleviate them.  This system is a process that identifies the weak link in the movement pattern and then assigns exercises to correct it.  When this is accomplished, the individual or athlete will have greater movement efficiency, which will lead to improved performance and hopefully a decrease in injury potential.

The intended purpose of movement screening:
–    Identify individuals at risk who are attempting to maintain or increase activity
–    Systematically use corrective exercise to normalize or improve movement patterns.
–    Provide a tool to monitor progress and movement pattern development
–    Create a functional movement baseline allowing rating and ranking movement for statistical observation.